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Steering Wheel Desk
Steering Wheel Desk
Steering Wheel Desk
Steering Wheel Desk
Steering Wheel Desk

Steering Wheel Desk

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Maximise your car space with our Steering Wheel Desk! 

This tray offers you a great flat surface for placing your laptop or tablet on, but it also works just as well for eating your lunch from, or writing on a notepad—and it even has a handy groove to put your pen in so you’re not forever reaching under the seat to retrieve it.

Simply slot it underneath your steering wheel and the desk stays firm for whatever you want to do with it. 

The desk is two sided, the side seen here is the desk/laptop side but you can flip it over and there’s a ring to put a drink in and a depressed area to hold your food (and contain any spills). 

It’s lightweight and a good shape for tossing into the rear seat pocket when you’re done, without it taking up too much room.


  • Reversible 3 in 1 feature: food tray/desk table/laptop rack
  • A compartment for drinks to avoid spillage.
  • Made of high quality and durable plastic material to hold various weights of laptops and food.
  • Easy to install (with adjustable angle)
  • Space savvy

    Description :

    • Weight: 0.6kg 
    • Length: 42cm
    • Width: 28cm
    • Colors : Black/gray
    • Suitable cars : Universal for all the cars